Tossing Cinderella

Ruby loves Cinderella. I’m not sure where it began, probably just an innocent viewing of Disney’s Cinderella that repeated itself over and over again. She has a Cinderella nightgown. She had a Cinderella cake for her birthday. She has several Cinderella toys.

Including The Cinderella. An innocent little plastic doo-dad that came with a Play-Doh set along with her best friend Ariel. I received these via Amazon Vine for her, and honestly may be the best Vine product I’ve ever received, as far as Ruby is concerned.

Cinderella has been lost. We turn the house over looking for her. Cinderella flushed down the toilet. We actually gave the doll back to Ruby. Cinderella everywhere.

Till a few days ago.

Ruby is on the spectrum of toilet training. This is not ideal, suffice it to say. I generally keep her in panties, but accidents still happen. Somehow, she pooped on the floor… then stuck her Cinderella doll atop the book. This Cinderella has a hollow base.

I decided to not try to rescue this Cinderella. Nope and never.

I mean, just imagine this. An entire Cinderella filled with crap.

I did not even apologize. I did not even show Ruby. I just got rid of that doll.

And now I find myself hunting the internet for a way to replace the beloved doll without spending 15 bucks on a new Play-Doh Palace set.


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