I just may change my management system…

When I was a youngster in school, we didn’t have any of these newfangled clip charts and behavior modification tools. No, not way back when in the 90s, no sir. I didn’t even hear a darn thing about them in my college courses. Then, when I took my first teaching job, my team lead looked at me and my fellow new teacher in wonder when we said we had never head of clip charts. She made us all some clip charts, and I sort of used them and then I ignored them.

I tried again in my second school. Then I read the brilliance of Smart Classroom Management, ditched the clip chart for a private clipboard and went on my merry way.

Folks, I don’t miss that awful clip chart one stinkin’ bit. No more panicking of what color so-n-so is on, no more hyperfocused worry from parents, just a promise of contacting parents if their kids are truly being awful.

But then when frolicking about one of my teacher forums I saw a post regarding the Super Improver Wall. A few Google searches left me yet oblivious as to what actually the thing was, but I eventually figured it out.

In a nutshell, the Super Improver Wall is a visual system for students to meet personal goals. This goes beyond whether or not Johnny raised his hand today. Thank goodness.

As it stands, my school currently has this huge focus on goal-setting, something I’m down with yet a little unsure on how to handle. Here is a fun, exciting wall that might get me remembering to help the kids with their goals.

In my mind, this is a far cry from anal classroom management behavior panic as this can be for really anything: behavior, academics, social skills, etc.

While I dread the idea of busying myself over a stupid wall, this might be something I can ingrain into a nice end-of-day routine.

I just might give it a shot.

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