A Misadventure in Cloth Diapering

I am a cloth diapering mom. Not 100% as Layne has no idea how to use them, but they are certainly are a popular option when it comes to changing bums. Eventually I shall write my thoughts on cloth diapers.

I recently made a mistake in cloth diapering and I write this as a cautionary tale.

Ants. Apparently ants like to eat poop.

Saturday found myself and the girls in the front yard and for some inexplicable reason I used the front yard to change Jade’s cloth diaper.

I then did something I will forever be ashamed of and has probably made me a subject of gossip in the neighborhood: I left the diaper on the grass. Yup. Right there I just left that poopy diaper, sort of out of view with the intention of eventually returning to take it inside and rinse it.

Yeah, best intentions and all that.

Two days later (be disgusted with me) I retrieved the diaper and found it crawling with ants. Gross! So I hosed it off. Still, the ants remained, cleaning to the bits of poo for dear life.

The toilet! thought I, gingerly carrying in the diaper to the bathroom. I ought to get a potty sprayer one of these days but I haven’t yet. So I did the old-school swish-and-flush and thought I had disposed of the ants.

I proceeded to wash diapers. After which I gathered them from the washing machine for the purpose of hanging them to dry.

At some point, a few stalwart ants had met their tragic doom in a vortex of water and clung to the organic cotton with their little legs. There they passed on, still clinging in desperation.

And they are hard to get off.

Let this be a lesson to you, poopy diapers don’t belong outside.


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