Decorating with cast iron

I need to redecorate my kitchen. Like, if there was one thing to be done in my house after fixing some fairly significant plumbing issues, it would be friggin’ remodeling and redecorating the kitchen and perhaps getting my interior decorator sister-in-law in on it with some wisdom and practicality because I have no idea what I should be doing.

But until then, at least I have cast iron.

I got into cast iron a few years ago when I realized the cheap pot and pan set my husband had purchased before we were married was cheap. I was asking around about what I should get for my next set, and cast iron came up a few times.

Ah, but I did have cast iron laying around! Old cast iron my husband had brought in with him into the marriage from who knows where… and I fell in love.

Cast iron is really the best. Or at least the idea of cast iron is the best because I’m probably not there yet. Turns out there is an entire subculture of cast iron weirdos out there and I hope one day to join their ranks.

My husband’s contribution were the old stuff, beautiful old smooth iron that needed a tad of TLC. I love them. Since then, my Amazon Vine account has gifted/taxed me with a few new pieces. I also love them. In fact, I had to assure myself I had plenty of variety to do basic cooking with cast iron (though one day I will get a bread pan…)

The trouble was, how to store them? For awhile I was lazy and just stacked them up in the cupboard. But then, the mouse problem happened, and I found icky mouse thingies all over my beloved cast iron collection. Also, if you truly love cast iron, you’re not supposed to stack them because it chips at the seasoning, and I do want to be one day accepted as one of those crazy cast iron weirdos. The kitchen is as tiny as anything, so finding an alternative was desirable.

I wound up deciding to hang them on the walls.

My walls are a big “eh” anyway, and heretofore I have decorated with chalkboard stuff, which I do love. But still, a little more wall bling would help.

After assuring myself that hanging pans on the walls was still very much a thing, I went for it.

My first way to go about it was basic nails, but they do tend to bend. So then I ordered some little L-hooks and they’re they best. I can order them in different sizes, and they do a fine job of holding the weight of a heavier pan without worry of bending.

I love it. I have more cupboard room and I have my lovely cast iron collection up on the walls. I find the contrast of the dark pans on the pale walls to be rather striking. They’re different, they’re noticeable, and it’s a way to decorate while being practical.

Perhaps one day I’ll redo my kitchen. Until then, I’ll try to make it functional and perhaps even a little charming.20180113_101235.jpg

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