When People are Just Awesome

I had a bit of a wild weekend. Friday, I was desperate to go see “The House with a Clock in its Walls” because the book terrified me as a small child. For some heaven-opposed reason, I chose to use my free movie passes and take the girls. Ruby, the elder, was wonderful. Jade, after about 40 minutes started jabbering. As I prepared to take her out, someone swore at us. My gosh, it was a chatty toddler, not something truly offensive. Yes, I was ashamed of myself and certain to do right by movie theatre manners (having been subject to chatty kids before) but why must you swear at my kids, man?

However, in my hurry to remove the chatty Jade, I forgot Ruby. She had not followed the instruction to follow me out, and I was a little unsure of how to reenter the theatre with the still-jabbering Jade.

Fortunately, after a few minutes, another kind mom walked her out. I was still grumping about the other guy, and it took me some time to recognize the awesome help of that kind woman.

The next day… yikes. I found myself unnerved for other reasons. We’re still new to the whole cystic fibrosis thing, and because of my new job we had switched insurances and were still waiting for those wrinkles to be ironed out. In short, we were waiting on a medication delivery, particularly the enzyme Creon, that couldn’t be delivered. The pharmacy techs said they’d send it to a local pharmacy on Saturday, who would call us. Well, after waiting and waiting for a call, I called them… to find out they were closed.

And we were virtually out of Creon. Which is what helps Jade digest food. I was not up for trying a fat and protein- free set of days when she is supposed to work on gaining weight!

So I complained on a Facebook group. My intent was to ask for suggestions of what to do next, but it wind up as a complaint.

Next thing I know, I have several offers in the area to supply with some emergency doses and I’m driving to my husband’s office (a handy mid-way meeting spot) for a “drug deal”. Even more awesome, my mom found Creon at her house.

People are generally awesome.

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