My results of my 10-day social media fast

At this year’s autumn General Conference, women (and men) were given several challenges including abstaining from social media for ten days. I decided to do so. After all, the idea of a break from social media or screens or what have you is not unheard of, oft recommended to clear one’s head.

And here’s what happened.


Nothing happened to me. I did not have any great spiritual awakenings. My testimony did not increase ten-fold (speaking of which I need to hop on that finish-the-Book-of-Mormon thing). Blessings did not rain down upon me.

Nor did I feel any sort of regret from doing this challenge. It was, surprisingly or maybe not so much, easy. I signed off Facebook, ignored my oft-ignored Instagram, and removed a couple of apps from my phone.

It has been fourteen days, four past the suggested ten, and I’m doing fine. I did not feel a loss of support or community. I didn’t even go through a withdrawal of any sort. I confess, my continued abstinence feels sort of nice. I opened my Instagram again just in case I want to post something. I made a commitment to organize ideas for my home on Pinterest. But I’m also rather interested in seeing how long I can ignore Facebook.

I understand, however, that some felt oppressed by this suggestion. Would my ignorance of social media keep me duly hidden from nefarious doings by my church? Would I be going only all sheeple by not equating my Facebook time with fully woken independence? Heck, should I be doing more to promote my TPT shop? (My sales totally went up last week).

I get social media. I really don’t see it as the end-all sin some others do. I understand its importance for businesses, for families, for relationships. I believe there are some awesome things to be had, which is why I’ll likely still keep hanging around my favorite forums.

But my social media fast showed me I can be just fine with les interaction.

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